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Benefits :

  • Nourishing_HydrationReduces Dryness
  • SPF_25Sun Protection
  • Exfoliating_PowerPigmentation Solution

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  • dermatologically backed active skincarePower of Actives
  • dermatologically backed active skincareToxin Free
  • dermatologically backed active skincareSpent Less on Packaging more on Formula
  • Dermatologically backed active skincareScience Backed Skincare
  • dermatologically backed active skincareVegan
  • dermatologically backed active skincareSuplphate & Paraben Free
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  • Nourishing_Hydration

    Nourishing Hydration

    Infused with Shea butter and Cocoa Butter, this lip oil lavishes your lips with deep nourishment, leaving them remarkably smooth and supple. Say goodbye to dry lips as the moisturizing properties work their magic.

  • Skin_brightening

    Brightening Power of Vitamin C

    Witness the brightening prowess of 2% Vitamin C as it tackles hyperpigmentation and dullness. Reveal a radiant smile as your lips are treated to a renewed luminosity, capturing attention with their natural glow.

  • SPF_25

    Defend with SPF 25

    This lip oil is fortified with SPF 25, providing a protective shield against harmful UV rays. Shield your lips from sun damage and external stressors, promoting their overall health and beauty.

  • Zinc_oxide

    Fortified with Zinc Oxide

    The presence of Zinc Oxide further enhances the lip oil's protective capabilities, ensuring your lips remain guarded against environmental aggressors

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Discover the BAKE 2% Vitamin C Vanilla Lip Oil with SPF 25, a premium lip care solution designed to elevate your lip care routine to new heights. Enriched with nourishing Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, and potent Vitamin C, this lip oil offers a range of transformative benefits for smooth, supple, and radiant lips. Say goodbye to dry, hyperpigmented lips as the lip oil's Vitamin C brightens and revitalizes, unveiling a luminous smile you'll love. Embrace the added shield of SPF 25, protecting your lips from harmful UV rays and environmental stressors, ensuring their health and beauty are preserved. Delight your senses with the captivating aroma of vanilla, creating a pleasurable and indulgent lip care experience. With a unisex formulation, the BAKE Vitamin C Vanilla Lip Oil caters to both men and women, acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual. Travel-friendly and portable in a 15ml vial, this lip oil becomes your loyal companion wherever you go. Elevate your lip care with the BAKE 2% Vitamin C Vanilla Lip Oil and unlock the secret to irresistibly beautiful and nourished lips.



Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Grape seed Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Zinc Oxide, Rose Oil, Vitamin c

How to use

  1. Apply and keep overnight.
  2. Can be used as a lip primer before applying lipstick.